Saturday, April 07, 2007

Two years later, the story goes. Is it time to decide the rest of my life? How do rational minds make decisions? Do I need to change careers, locations, atmospheres? Is that me become mature? My options seem to be as follows, along with corresponding reflections:
*go to Bard College in New York for a year, get a teaching degree and 45+ grand in debt
*take the Petrie Fellowship, study at Bard for a year, stay in NYC for five years. My education is mostly paid for, but do I want to leave Seattle and the West Coast? Do I want to sign away much of my freedom for five years thereafter?
*Keep with my job at United Indians, stay in Seattle, perhaps study for a Master's in Nonprofit Leadership at Seattle U, take clown and glassblowing classes, enjoy a year living next to the Space Needle.

Am I ready to leave Seattle?

Friday, November 19, 2004

and now my mind takes a ride. so buckle your seatbelt and put out that cigarette; unless, of course, you want to have lots of fun...

i'm chiming in my psychoactive waves of literal hypocrisy, threading my phallisized hypodermic needle through hedonism into mechanistic
absolutism, all the while impregnating streams of nonsense with mixed
metaphors along the fountain of youth, better known as the abyss of the hairless soldier.

don't try to understand, ye olde botoxed composite of the color
spectrum. just exist as innocence, like you always do. take six of
this and half a dozen of that, and you'll morph into a happy little boy toy. i promise. but are my toes crossed? are meanings meaningful? perhaps you'll never know the truth, as i am the inept sole provider of that.

sometimes i drink and dance my soul away. its only worth the price of
admission anyway, and there is always that extra soul shining loudly
from the gas station bathroom, if only i could find a key.

the truth is about spaghetti.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Troy: Luck is the lazy man's excuse.
Gene: Ah, spoken like a man who's had nothing but good luck.

--from the movie "Thirteen Conversations about One Thing"

Noel: I had a dream that you grew a garden on a trampoline
and I was so happy I invented peanut butter.

--from the movie "All the Real Girls"

Friday, April 02, 2004

happy birthday
if i forget your name, forgive me. it isn’t because i don’t like you, and it’s not because i don’t consider you important. i just don’t consider names important. names aren’t who we are. we are who we are.

the same goes for birthdays. i don’t love you more on your birthday. but i do love having access to you, so i probably will participate, even if i don’t agree.

i am a flawed human. please don’t make me feel guilty.

a skeleton key to happiness
live life like a game
where your last emotion
is your score.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

my personal little Supreme Court
are there any laws that you do like, jj?
be nice, be considerate, be safe, and share.
jj, those aren’t laws.

the da vinci story
because they are.

not because they are black.
not because they are poor.
not because they were born in Mexico.
not because they have a lifetime supply of children.
not because they signed a housing contract.
not because they are dumb.

we are all dumb.
deal with it.
and be nice.

jesus wasn’t dumb, it has been written.
jesus wasn’t oppressed, it has been understood.
except by society.
except by his father.
except by his body.

people are big on oppression.
because it is safe.
because it is lazy.
because it is good for business.

exploiting my life is good business?
i’ll bet you a million dollars that jesus could’ve have been an incredible artist.

i don’t have a million dollars.
i hopefully never will.
no matter where you are,
be curious.
even if where you are is Hell.

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