Sunday, March 28, 2004

my personal little Supreme Court
are there any laws that you do like, jj?
be nice, be considerate, be safe, and share.
jj, those aren’t laws.

the da vinci story
because they are.

not because they are black.
not because they are poor.
not because they were born in Mexico.
not because they have a lifetime supply of children.
not because they signed a housing contract.
not because they are dumb.

we are all dumb.
deal with it.
and be nice.

jesus wasn’t dumb, it has been written.
jesus wasn’t oppressed, it has been understood.
except by society.
except by his father.
except by his body.

people are big on oppression.
because it is safe.
because it is lazy.
because it is good for business.

exploiting my life is good business?
i’ll bet you a million dollars that jesus could’ve have been an incredible artist.

i don’t have a million dollars.
i hopefully never will.
no matter where you are,
be curious.
even if where you are is Hell.

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