Saturday, April 07, 2007

Two years later, the story goes. Is it time to decide the rest of my life? How do rational minds make decisions? Do I need to change careers, locations, atmospheres? Is that me become mature? My options seem to be as follows, along with corresponding reflections:
*go to Bard College in New York for a year, get a teaching degree and 45+ grand in debt
*take the Petrie Fellowship, study at Bard for a year, stay in NYC for five years. My education is mostly paid for, but do I want to leave Seattle and the West Coast? Do I want to sign away much of my freedom for five years thereafter?
*Keep with my job at United Indians, stay in Seattle, perhaps study for a Master's in Nonprofit Leadership at Seattle U, take clown and glassblowing classes, enjoy a year living next to the Space Needle.

Am I ready to leave Seattle?

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